Post Production

Whether you have a surplus of footage from a recent event, a handful of social videos you would like to pull together into a brand identity, or you have a previous edit that just isn’t quite there yet, I can help with whatever it takes to get your project to the finish line, including motion graphics finishing work.


Live Broadcasting

Looking for a better way to reach your audience? From weekly updates to tentpole events, there’s no better way to reach your customers than through the intimacy and immediacy of a live broadcast. I can help you understand the technical ins and outs of this emerging field, help you engage your fans, and execute event broadcasts on any scale


As an award-winning cinematographer, I know how to plan and execute the right shot for every moment - but that doesn’t mean we need the highest end cameras for every production. I’ve worked with everything from Sony CineAlta to filming documentaries on nothing but a GoPro Hero 2. The camera matters, but the way it tells a story is so much more.




Maybe you’re having issues with your script, need to pare down a shot list, or are struggling with your production pipeline, or you just don’t know which publishing platform is right for you. I’d love to help. Get in touch, and we’ll get you going on the right path.